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Cross-country skiing

The way is the goal!

East Tyrol has more than 400km of groomed cross-countra trails - ideal for both beginners and experienced skiers as well as skaters and classic racers.

Lienz itself is the venue fo the annual Dolomitenlauf held in January, which attracts several hundred top athletes and 2,000 to 3,000 amateurs from all over the world to the sprint and ski marathon.

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Cross-country trails

The best place from which to get to know the trails in the Lienz Basin and in the various picturesque valleys in the region is the district capital Lienz. From here you can drive or take public transport to the cross-country trail of your choice.






We have compiled a list for you with a selection of trails:

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Dolomiten trail

This is an easy to moderate trail at the foot of the Dolomites for the most part, with interesting short gradients, skating tracks and 2 classic tracks for most of the distance of 35km. It connects with the Drau Valley trail. The trail takes you along the Drau cycleway to Nikolsdorf and is the original Dolomitenlauf trail.

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Obertilliach border trail

Taking its name from the nearby border with Italy, this trail goes from Kartitsch to Obertilliach, Untertilliach and Maria Luggau and on to St. Lorenzen (Carinthia). The excellently groomed and scenically beautiful trail runs mainly along the valley floor close to the Gail River and is the trail on which XC and biathlon teams practise. Demanding, steep in parts.

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Isel Valley trail

This trail starts at the Pfister ice rink and does a loop at St. Johann. It is a riverside trail running beside the Isel. The Isel Valley trail is 30km long, flat and uncomplicated, which is why it is ideally suited for XC beginners. For the advanced cross-country skier it is an enjoyable trail on the banks of the river Isel.

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Staller Sattel

The romantic, sun-blessed Obersee trail on the Staller Sattel lies 2,000m above sea level. Starting point is the Lackenst├╝berl eatery, which can be reached in the ski bus. The trail then takes you to the turning point at the mountain pastures and back. This fabulous trail is for skiers of all levels.

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Puster Valley

Links up with the cross-border trail network in South Tyrol. A riverside trail in the shade along the Drau River, gently climbing and with skating and classic tracks. You can choose between the rather challenging high trail and the somewhat easy-going lower trail. The trail is floodlit in parts and is accessible at several points in almost every village along the way. It stretches from the South Tyrol border all the way to Lienz and is approximately 50km long.

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Schwarzach trail

It takes you through a fairy-tale winter landscape and has a connecting trail to St. Jakob. You ski on the shady side of the valley, beginning at the Hotel Defereggental and head out of the valley, skiing alongside the Schwarzach River to the turn at the Stanz Bridge. This section is ideal for beginners. The trail back to the hotel is more for experienced skiers because of 2 rather steep climbs that are quite demanding and strength-sapping.

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St. Jakob

A beautiful circuit of 4km (classic or skating) that provides sunny and easy-going cross-country enjoyment. There are, of course, several trails in the Defereggen Valley that are suitable for beginners and experts alike. What is so special is that you can ski cross-country without break between the end of November and the end of April and take in the snow-covered beauty of the Defereggen Valley.

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